1. What top three political issues will your campaign be working on?
Free-market environmentalism
Privatize middle-class social insurance
Fiscal sanity: flatter income tax, line-item veto, balanced budget amendment

2a. Do you plan to spend more than $10,000 on your campaign?
No, probably less than $1000.

3. What is the address of your website?

4. Name 3 organizations or politically significant people from whom you expect to get endorsements (other than the LPSCC):
[So far I'm neither soliciting nor rejecting any endorsements.]

5. Why are you running for office?
I'm running to challenge voters to
* Stop enabling left-right and special-interest politics
* Cast a clear vote for personal freedom and responsibility.

6. Why are you running as a Libertarian?
Now that the Republicans finally control both Congress and the White House, their handouts to seniors, farmers, and Big Business have been almost as shameful as what the Democrats have always done. I can no longer blame pork-barrel and special-interest fiscal policy exclusively on the Democrats.

7. What do you consider to be the greatest threat to Liberty today?
Short-term: isolationist, redistributionist, protectionist populism
Long-term: neophobic opposition to economic development and technological progress

8. What do you consider your greatest strengths?
Strong grasp of economic and political theory

9. What do you consider your greatest weaknesses?
Over-emphasis of economic and political theory

10. What are the important messages you would like to convey to voters?
In political space, Left-Right is a slice, not an axis.
All environmental problems are caused by Negative Externalities.
Rivalry and Excludability define what goods the government should provide

11. How would you characterize your "image" and how does it contribute to conveying your messages?
Positive: principled, educated, intelligent, successful, humorous
Negative: extremist, intellectual, arrogant, out-of-touch, glib

12. How do you propose to solve the public school crisis?
Parental control of the funding for their children's education

13. (For Congressional candidates) What is your position on U.S. Foreign policy including Afghanistan and Iraq?
America should promote political and economic freedom worldwide, and wage war on tyrants when the benefits to human freedom sufficiently outweigh the costs in human suffering. Overthrowing the tyrannies in Afghanistan and Iraq were good things for America to do.

13. (For State Assembly and Senate candidates) How do you propose to solve the California budget crisis?

14. Any additional comments?
What's different about my campaign is that I
* am a non-incumbent who blames not the incumbents but the electorate;
* pander to no voting bloc, and challenge them all;
* admit I care less about getting votes than about promoting the idea of liberty.