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To obtain an index of an author's works, including any known online editions of each work, and online articles about that author, select the author's name.

To obtain an index of online editions of a particular work, select the name of that work. Then you will be able to scroll up and down to see other works by that author and articles about the author.

Authors are listed here in order of their birthdates (insofar as known). To obtain an alphabetical listing of authors, go to the Author Index.

The Bible --

Homer --

Aeschylus --

Sophocles --

Euripides --

Herodotus --

Thucydides --

Hippocrates --

Aristophanes --

Plato --

Aristotle --

Euclid --

Archimedes --

Apollonius --

Lucretius --

Virgil --

Tacitus --

Epictetus --

Nicomachus --

Plutarch --

Ptolemy --

Marcus Aurelius --

Galen --

Plotinus --

St Augustine --

The Quran --

St Thomas Aquinas --

Dante --

Chaucer --

Erasmus --

Machiavelli --

Copernicus --

Rabelais --

John Calvin --

Montaigne --

William Gilbert --

Cervantes --

Francis Bacon --

Galileo --

William Shakespeare --

Johannes Kepler --

William Harvey --

Thomas Hobbes --

Descartes --

John Milton --

Moliere --

Blaise Pascal --

Christiaan Huygens --

John Locke --

Spinoza --

Jean Racine --

Isaac Newton --

Leibnitz --

Jonathan Swift --

George Berkeley --

Montesquieu --

Voltaire --

Henry Fielding --

David Hume --

Jean Jacques Rousseau --

Diderot --

Laurence Sterne --

Adam Smith --

Immanuel Kant --

Edward Gibbon --

Thomas Paine --

James Boswell --

Goethe --

Fourier --

Hegel --

Jane Austen --

USA Founding Documents --

Michael Faraday --

Honore de Balzac --

Emerson --

Alexis de Tocqueville --

John Stuart Mill --

Charles Darwin --

Charles Dickens --

Soren Kierkegaard --

Thoreau --

Karl Marx --

George Eliot --

Herman Melville --

Friedrich Engels --

Fyodor Dostoevsky --

Henrik Ibsen --

Leo Tolstoy --

Mark Twain --

William James --

Henry James --

Nietzsche --

Henri Poincare --

Sigmund Freud --

George Bernard Shaw --

Joseph Conrad --

Thorstein Veblen --

Max Planck --

Henri Bergson --

John Dewey --

Anton Chekhov --

A.N. Whitehead --

Luigi Pirandello --

Marcel Proust --

Bertrand Russell --

Thomas Mann --

Willa Cather --

G.H. Hardy --

Albert Einstein --

Arthur Eddington --

James Joyce --

Virginia Woolf --

Franz Kafka --

John Maynard Keynes --

Niels Bohr --

D.H. Lawrence --

Erwin Schroedinger --

T.S. Eliot --

Eugene O'Neill --

Martin Heidegger --

Ludwig Wittgenstein --

F. Scott Fitzgerald --

William Faulkner --

Werner Heisenberg --

George Orwell --

Most of the online editions to which this index links are on other web page servers, were prepared by someone else with an interest in that particular author, and are maintained by that person. From time to time a link will not work because the material has been moved. Please inform me of any such problems so that they may be resolved if possible.

For some works, more than one online edition is listed. Some editions are alternative translations, and some are presented in a different format (HTML pages, text file via ftp or gopher, etc). Some editions are identical, but are at different network sites; if one site is down, you may be able to access the work at another site.

Some editions may not be accessed from your country for copyright reasons. Please observe those restrictions.

I hope that you find benefit and pleasure in reading these great books. If you know of another or better online edition of one or more of these works or if there are other corrections to this index, please let me know. I am particularly interested in learning of HTML editions which have been properly divided into sections for ease of access. See the Wantlist for details.

Note: This great books index is a personal interest project, and is not sponsored by or associated with the Encyclopaedia Britannica corporation. It is not the same list of authors and works that was included in the Great Books of the Western World. Nonetheless it has been suggested and inspired by the work of Robert Hutchins and Mortimer Adler, who were the editors of the 1952 edition of the GBWW. This index is at attempt to guide readers to available online editions of those and other great books.

Acknowledgement is made to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc for permission to reprint portions of the author list and title list of Great Books of the Western World. The author and title lists of the GBWW are copyright (c) 1952, 1990 by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.

The works listed in this index, either their original texts or their HTML editions, may be subject to copyright. Consult the web pages for the edition (which is, in general, on another web server not under my control) for possible copyright restrictions. With very few exceptions, which are noted in this index if known, there are no restrictions on the online viewing of any of the works listed. If any material is listed in violation of the copyright holder's rights, please advise and the index link will be removed or amended as appropriate.

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