Earlier we had this exchange:
BH: Christian apologists tend to label me "arrogant", but I've never succeeding in coaxing one to substantiate that charge in any way, let alone explain how I could rephrase the substance of what I write in a way that they wouldn't (arbitrarily) call "arrogant". If I'm confident that my worldview can be and has been successfully defended, then I'm only "arrogant" if that confidence is unjustified, or is used to intimidate or insult someone.  I shouldn't be considered "arrogant" simply because my confidence in my worldview is greater -- or more justified -- than is someone else's confidence in her own  worldview.
On your site you have now written:
Confidence is believing that your opinion is right.
Arrogance is believing that your opinion matters.
Today's Direct Hit was inspired by Brian Holtz.
Frustration is spouting unsubstantiated calumny because you can't defend your opinions.
If you "could very easily" list quotes of mine that indicate arrogance, I (for the third time) invite you to do so.  Until then, you remain in the heap of frustrated Christian apologists who have made this hit-and-run accusation without having the integrity to try to back it up.