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Hi Loren, thanks for the Jones sighting, but I didn't find the satire all that witty, let alone insightful. Far more amusing was Jones's eagerness to link to it while not linking to my own Jones analysis or our my subsequent discussion with her -- especially since she had told me "I would never link to atheist sites".  I hadn't realized she had been so busy since I last saw her running away calling me "an inferior thinker" only a few weeks after confessing to be "astounded at the quality of debate that [I] put forth".  Her "invitation to debate" page of course mentions none of this, thus revealing the truth about "what it takes to come out on top" when doing Christian apologetics: pick your opponents, and don't tell your readers about the opponents who picked you. (Jones doesn't mention our interactions anywhere on her site, but they are the second hit on both Google and Yahoo for the query "asa jones atheist". She can run, but she can't hide. ;-)

And thanks for the pointer to Joad.  The other ex-atheists in my study haven't proved very challenging to my thesis, but it's always possible I will someday find an exception. (And no, AJ, I don't consider you a "gap-toothed illiterate". It takes someone significantly smarter than that to pick her fights as well as you do.)


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Subject: About your Atheist Deconversion page - ASA Jones and CEM Joad

        I have found a very funny satire of A.S.A. Jones's ex-atheist page:

Queen of Swords's Weekly Nutwatch 39 :


        And I propose a candidate for your page: Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad 
(1891-1953), who had been an atheist in his younger years, but 
converted to Anglicanism in his old age. [..]