From: Brian Holtz []
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 7:21 AM
To: Gary Amirault
Subject: RE: email privacy
You write:
Oh, I see, how convenient, to be able to snip out just enough words from someone to misrepresent what they say and then build your agenda around them. How convenient. How dishonest. And you say you speak truth. What a lie. 
This is a serious charge. I defy you to demonstrate how the "just enough words" that I "snipped" from your emails at all "misrepresent" (as opposed to excerpt) what you said. As I say on my correspondence page, "I liberally and fairly quote my correspondents", and in fact, I very often criticize my opponents for not quoting my statements (or quoting enough of them) to fairly represent the position of mine that they claim to be answering.
If you post a page that argues for your charge of dishonesty and links here to the scene of my alleged crime, then I will gladly link to that page so that my readers can see your argument that I "lie". Of course, trying to substantiate your reckless charge would only dig you deeper into the hole you're so frustrated to have put yourself in. But if you want another shovel, here it is.