From: Brian Holtz []
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 10:34 PM
To: Kris Key
Cc: G. Z. Jordan
Subject: RE: I am an ex-atheist
KK: As I said earlier I am not looking to revive(resurrect??) our earlier discussion so I am not responding to what you wrote except for these two points [about Ebionites and uninformedness].
Does that mean you were "dishonest" when you earlier said "tell me which [non-rational factor] you think applies to me and I will respond"?
KK: If anyone declares himself to be a former atheist, he is automatically labeled uninformed.
If you're implying that I've done such automatic labelling, I defy you to substantiate your implication with actual quotes from my writings.
KK: When I was an atheist I was considered well read and well verses [sic].
Again, if you have even so much as a single verse you wrote (or cited) as an atheist on (a)theism, I'd love to read it.
KK: Are you going to rebut the paper or not?

I've rebutted every one of the points you earlier offered against my statements -- just as I did in my debate with Jordan (which you hilariously say I lost). In my last message alone you've left about 25-30 of my comments and questions unanswered, which is about how many Jordan was facing when he retired. Similarly, your new paper's every substantive criticism of my writings will be rebutted, but I make no promises how soon I will get around to doing so.

In any of your criticisms of my writings, I invite you to link to, which will always contain an up-to-date index of my answers to your criticisms (and links to your criticisms if available).