From: Brian Holtz []
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 10:50 PM
To: Kyle Gerkin
Subject: RE: On Rennie's and Gerkin's discussion

> >Turkel and others do not engage in acivil
> >juxtaposition of each side's best arguments, but that I
> >nevertheless do. 
> "Politely expressing disagreement" is not what I took as the implication
> from what you wrote.

I wrote: "Christians not reading their Bibles is indeed one of the reasons why Christianity isn't dying more quickly."  That Christians may not want to hear such a thesis does not make it inherently impolite.

> However, if that is all you do (I haven't had a chance
> yet to look at your debates with JP), then I rescind my earlier comments.
> [..]
> JP has a reasonably large Christian readership. And I would suggest that
> they need to understand our worldview more than most of the people on
> where we are, more or less, preaching to the choir.

I'm not sure what data you have about the sites' respective readerships, but I think our worldview is best advanced by civil but unflinching comparison with other worldviews.

> JP has portrayed me in a
> positive light, and thus his readers are taking a serious look at my writings.

Interesting -- can you send me a link to the portrayal(s) in question?

> Farell Till does tend to play the
> back-and-forth game with JP, which is not effective.

Yes, Till lacks the discipline not to descend to Turkel's level.

> the gospels are not (as of yet) available to empirical analysis.

Mostly true, though I would say that Josephus etc. count broadly as empirical evidence.