Class Zoel

  extended by
      extended by org.holtz.zoe.Zoel

public class Zoel

The programming language encoded in the Genotype of a Bug. See Operator for the semantics of the operators in Zoel. See Register for the Zoel virtual machine registers that can be passed to an Operator.

 Genotype      ::== Gene ...
 Gene          ::== [ When StatementList ] Do StatementList
 StatementList ::== { Statement , ... }
 Statement     ::== [ Label: ] Expression
 Expression    ::== Operation | StatementList | Value
 Operation     ::== Operator [Expression]
 Value         ::== StringLiteral | Number | $[$]Register
Here is an example Zoel program that follows larger conspecifics and preys on non-conspecifics.

See Also:
Operator, Register

Field Summary
static char StatementTerminator
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Constructor Summary
Zoel( text)
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Field Detail


public static final char StatementTerminator
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Constructor Detail


public Zoel( text)