Uses of Class

Uses of Expression in org.holtz.zoe

Subclasses of Expression in org.holtz.zoe
 class LabelReference
          A Statement Operand that points to a Label elsewhere in the same Zoel program.
 class Literal
          A string or numeric Operand of a Statement in a Zoel program.
 class Number
          A numeric Literal Operand of a Statement in a Zoel program.
 class Operation
          An addressable instruction in a Zoel program.
 class RegisterReference
          A Bug attribute referenced as a Statement's Operand in a Zoel program.
 class StatementList
          A list of Statements of a Bug, constituting a block statement in a Zoel program.
 class StringLiteral
          A string Literal Operand of a Statement in a Zoel program.
 class Value
          A Statement argument that is a literal or reference rather than a StatementList block statement.

Fields in org.holtz.zoe declared as Expression
 Expression Operation.arg

Methods in org.holtz.zoe that return Expression
 Expression Operation.copy()
abstract  Expression Expression.copy()
 Expression Statement.expression()
static Expression Expression.parse(java.lang.String word1, ZoelTokenizer zoelTokenizer)
static Expression Expression.parse(ZoelTokenizer zoelTokenizer)
 Expression StatementListCall.peek()
abstract  Expression CallRecord.peek()

Methods in org.holtz.zoe with parameters of type Expression
 java.lang.String StringLiteral.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String StatementList.toString(java.lang.String stmtSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String Statement.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String RegisterReference.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String Operation.toString(java.lang.String stmtSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String Number.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String LabelReference.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
 java.lang.String Genotype.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currExpr, java.lang.String cursor)
abstract  java.lang.String Expression.toString(java.lang.String statementSeparator, Expression currStmt, java.lang.String cursor)

Constructors in org.holtz.zoe with parameters of type Expression
Operation(Operator theOp, Expression theArg)
Statement(java.lang.String l, Expression e)