Uses of Class

Packages that use ZObject
org.holtz.zoe A Zoe World with evolvable Bugs controlled by Genes coded as mutating Zoel programs.

Uses of ZObject in org.holtz.zoe

Subclasses of ZObject in org.holtz.zoe
 class Bug
          A Zoe organism controlled by Genes each executing on its own ZoelVM virtual machines.
 class Joule
          A pellet of edible energy in a World.

Fields in org.holtz.zoe declared as ZObject
 ZObject Bug.lastSensed

Methods in org.holtz.zoe that return ZObject
 ZObject World.closestObject(Bug from, double maxRange)
 ZObject World.closestObject(Bug from, double maxRange, double minRange)
 ZObject ZObject.setContext(java.lang.Object ctxt)

Methods in org.holtz.zoe with parameters of type ZObject
 double ZObject.bearing(ZObject theZObject)
 boolean Bug.canSee(ZObject obj)
 double ZObject.range(ZObject theZObject)