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Packages that use Statement
org.holtz.zoe.zoel A Turing-complete mutatable programming language featuring block statements, a stack, a heap, registers of sensory data, and operators to perform actions in the Zoe World.

Uses of Statement in org.holtz.zoe.zoel

Fields in org.holtz.zoe.zoel declared as Statement
 Statement LabelReference.val

Fields in org.holtz.zoe.zoel with type parameters of type Statement
 java.util.ArrayList<Statement> StatementList.statements

Methods in org.holtz.zoe.zoel that return Statement
 Statement StatementList.mutate(int nth, java.util.Random random)
 Statement StatementListCall.mutate(java.util.Random random)
static Statement Statement.parse(ZoelTokenizer zoelTokenizer)
 Statement StatementListCall.previous()
 Statement Statement.setLabel(java.lang.String theLabel)

Methods in org.holtz.zoe.zoel with parameters of type Statement
 void StatementListCall.add(Statement operation)
 StatementList StatementList.add(Statement statement)

Constructors in org.holtz.zoe.zoel with parameters of type Statement
Statement(Statement stmt)

Constructor parameters in org.holtz.zoe.zoel with type arguments of type Statement
StatementList(java.util.ArrayList<Statement> statements2Copy)