Uses of Interface

Packages that use ZoelVMHost
org.holtz.zoe A Zoe World with evolvable Bugs controlled by Genes coded as mutating Zoel programs.
org.holtz.zoe.zoel A Turing-complete mutatable programming language featuring block statements, a stack, a heap, registers of sensory data, and operators to perform actions in the Zoe World.

Uses of ZoelVMHost in org.holtz.zoe

Classes in org.holtz.zoe that implement ZoelVMHost
 class Bug
          A Zoe organism controlled by Genes each executing on its own ZoelVM virtual machines.
 class Phene
          The expression of a Gene, consisting of its excitement level and ZoelVM execution state.

Uses of ZoelVMHost in org.holtz.zoe.zoel

Constructors in org.holtz.zoe.zoel with parameters of type ZoelVMHost
ZoelVM(ZoelVMHost h, ExpressionList main)