Class ZoelTokenizer

  extended by
      extended by org.holtz.zoe.zoel.ZoelTokenizer

public class ZoelTokenizer

A tokenizer for the programming language encoded in the Genotype of a Bug.

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Operator, Register

Field Summary
static char StatementTerminator
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nval, sval, TT_EOF, TT_EOL, TT_NUMBER, TT_WORD, ttype
Constructor Summary
ZoelTokenizer( text)
Method Summary
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commentChar, eolIsSignificant, lineno, lowerCaseMode, nextToken, ordinaryChar, ordinaryChars, parseNumbers, pushBack, quoteChar, resetSyntax, slashSlashComments, slashStarComments, toString, whitespaceChars, wordChars
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Field Detail


public static final char StatementTerminator
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Constructor Detail


public ZoelTokenizer( text)